Finalist PAWS  2004

Vicki-Ann Aspinall


"Nature's Rainbow"



"Blue Tailed Skink"



Born in Rainham, I finished my schooling in Canada . I took art seriously at High School having my first solo show there, but unfortunately was unable to accept an Art Scholarship.  I won a UNICEF card competition. The most famous person to buy one of my paintings was Bob Hope.  

I trained as a Cartographer and later as an Interior Designer. Returning to England , I worked as a functional designer - designing boxes for products from light bulbs to Easter eggs. I won a Family Circle competition in 1989 - "The Importance of Zoos”. My prize was to be Zookeeper for a day.  

I try everything from painting murals to dolls house paintings and enjoy trying different styles and media. .  

I won a second prize in the animal section of the Art and Craft Expo ‘99  at the Historic Dockyard in Chatham .  

Now mainly painting for pleasure, I care for a disabled husband. The complexities of the benefit system mean I cannot sell my work. I have given paintings to “Howletts Zoo” and occasionally I use the barter system. Mostly I give them as gifts.  

My eldest son is also a painter, so painting just seems to be part of our lives.

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