Finalist PAWS  2004

Ursula Cook-Skalak


"Where have all the fishes gone ?"



Born in Germany I have lived in England since 1951.

After having worked as a Senior Lecturer in physical education at the University of North London , I retired to the New Forest with my family, five horses, two dogs and one cat.

I have loved animals all my life and began attending evening classes in “painting for pleasure”.

I am a member of Ringwood and Marwell Zoo Art Societies as well as PAWS and The Wildlife Art Society, exhibiting in Ringwood, Salisbury and around the New Forest . I have also exhibited at the Womens’ Art Society in London as well as at the St. Barbe Museum in Lymington, and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Liverpool .

Since 1999 I have travelled extensively to South Africa , Thailand , and Nepal ’s Chitwan Park to see tigers and rhinos. I have also visited Borneo Sabah to view the probosic monkeys and the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre for urang-utans. I hope to profit by the experience of seeing this wildlife in it’s natural habitat for future paintings.  


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